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I'm Elan and Yes,
I have ADHD too.

Founder of Deep Work Sprints

On a mission to help ADHD entrepreneurs harness their superpowers. 


  • Diagnosed as an adult

  • Serial Entrepreneur

  • Rock-climbed more than 400,000 vertical ft

  • Organizer of flashmob style events like the Hi5Run, and Train Reaction.

  • Father to Isla who teaches him the meaning of play.

  • Husband to Caitlyn the love of his life.Together, they converted a Sprinter Van to work and travel as a family in the summers. Yes, sprints from a sprinter van.



  • Excitement

  • Deeply caring​

  • Obsessed with learning


My Short(ish) Story with ADHD

In a world overshadowed by deadlines and distractions, my journey began with a late ADHD diagnosis, marking a significant turning point in my life.

Struggling with procrastination from school to adulthood, a simple question during the pandemic led to a revelation. Embracing the diagnosis, I delved into uncharted territory, seeking personalized strategies beyond generic advice.


Realizing the scarcity of tailored resources for ADHD entrepreneurs, I took it upon myself to create the 'Deep Work Sprints' program. Collaborating with experts and compiling firsthand insights, this initiative emerged as a transformative solution for boosting productivity and focus.


Now, armed with newfound clarity and strategies, my mission is to support fellow ADHD entrepreneurs on their unique paths of transformation. With 'Deep Work Sprints,' the adventure continues for those ready to embark on their own journey.

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