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Deep Work Sprint
Deep Work Sprint

it's time to harness your superpowers

Welcome to Deep Work Sprints.
The world class coaching program designed to turn entrepreneurs
into consistent goal smashing superheroes.

Deep Work Sprint

To my fellow ADHD entrepreneur


Elan Marko in the news on Breakfast Television
Elan Marko in the news on CP24
Elan Marko in the news on CTV news
Elan Marko's TedX Talk
Elan Marko on CityTV news

"we don't rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the level of our systems"

The Hero's Journey to Unstoppable

Deep Work Sprint

Deep Work Sprints Program Journey

Deep Intake Assessment
Build Your Roadmap
1 on 1 Meetings
Who Needs Us?

If you are someone looking to grow personally and professionally, and, are looking for supports, you've come to a great place for that.

-Sylvie Smets

Deep Work Sprint

The Signature Program's
Winning Formula


Deep Intake Process

We take the time to deeply understand you and your business. 

Connect on

  • Goals

  • Challenges

  • Establishing baselines

  •  What makes you amazing!


Build Your Roadmap

We help you create your own personalized roadmap.

Choose your own adventure

  • Get clear on your vision

  • Set business goals

  • Set performance goals


Weekly Coaching Sessions

An evidence based approach  to unlocking ADHD performance 

What to expect

  • 7 day step-by-step plan

  • Review what did/didn't work 

  • Performance experiments

  • Insights into finding your winning formula

  • Hi 5s


  • Text accountability
  • Co-working Sessions
  • Fun
  • Workshops
  • Resource Library
  • Tracking Results
  • Zero judgment
  • Community
Deep Work Sprint application
Deep Work Sprint

Our Clients Say

Brigitte Truong testimonial loving deep work sprints
"The program helped me break down immediate goals that were easy to understand, visualize and achieve every week.
- Brigitte Truong

Multimedia TV host and producer

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